EnviroLab Asia has collaborated with key partners in order to fulfill its mission.

Yale National University of Singapore (Yale-NUS) College  
Founded in 2011, Yale-NUS is the first residential liberal arts college in Singapore. EnviroLab Asia collaborated with Yale-NUS to plan and conduct research related to the Clinic Trips in Southeast Asia in 2016 and 2018.

Burapha University
For the 2018 Clinic Trip, EnviroLab Asia worked with Burapha University in ChonBuri, Thailand and and the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. Themes of study were mangroves, water, and power as they relate to biodiversity, hydro-modification, aquaculture, agriculture, as well as artistic expressions that explore agency in relation to the built environment and governance.

Yonsei UniversityUnderwood International College (UIC)
The English-language, four-year liberal arts institution at Korea’s top private research university serves as a partner for Year 3 of the grant.

Whittier College
Founded in 1887, Whittier College is a regional partner, who received the LIASE implementation grant that ended in 2019. Their areas of focus were China and Myanmar. Activities supported by grant funds included new interdisciplinary course and module development, courses linked with Chinese universities, advanced language learning opportunities, faculty and student exchanges, and faculty and student travel to China and Myanmar. Whittier helped plan the Regional LIASE Conferences, which featured faculty and student research by the Southern California LIASE grantees.

Occidental College
Founded in 1887, Occidental College, or “Oxy,” is a regional partner, whose LIASE grant ended, but continues to share research and program opportunities with the Claremont Colleges. The Oxy program consisted of partnerships with universities and non-profits primarily in Hong Kong and Nanjing; course work and student research opportunities that explore environmental issues, policies, research, and community action; a research program focused on air quality, built environment and land use, and food systems; new publications; and opportunities for exchange. Oxy also helped plan the Regional LIASE Conferences.


2020 EnviroLab Asia Student Fellows (Korea)

Aileen Villa Food and Rural Issues Lab SCR, Class of 2022, politics and anthropology (dual) she, her, hers Aileen Villa is a second-year student from Nogales, Arizona. She has been involved in bridging health disparities in her community by addressing food issues and...

Haikus from Japan

Haikus from Japan

Sharing haikus and art from students in the Food and Rural Issues Lab who went to Japan in May 2019. Haikus by Kat Kornegay (POM) Morning was peaceful. The fresh air and soothing sounds, Does wonders for soul. In rural Japan. Feels like a whole other world. Bullet...