Students at an organic farm in Japan during the May 2019 Clinic Trip.

Outside a mangrove conservation park during the Thailand Clinic Trip in May 2018.

EnviroLab Asia Faculty Receive National Geographic Research Award To Study Mangrove Forests.

"Awakening to the Environment" Concert featuring Anne Harley and Malaysian composer and environmental activist Yii Kah Hoe.

Students discuss environment-related issues in Professor Kyoko Kurita's Advanced Japanese course.

COVID-19 Update

Despite the ongoing pandemic and the switch to online learning, EnviroLab Asia has continued its activities for the 2020-21 academic year. We have halted our plans for the Spring 2020 South Korea clinic trip and are adapting our strategy and programs as we transition through these unprecedented times. During the Fall 2020 semester, we have supported faculty and student research, hosted events, and provided curricular support to faculty teaching online. We expect to resume our traditional activities, including the EnviroLab Asia student fellowship program and clinic trip in the 2021-22 academic year. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Heeb, EnviroLab Asia Project Administrator at


EnviroLab Asia is an initiative at the Claremont Colleges funded by the Henry Luce Foundation’s Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment (LIASE) Program. This initiative is a laboratory for cross-disciplinary research and experiential learning that links knowledge with practice. 

Through intellectual exchange between the humanities and social sciences, environmental analysis, and other disciplines, we explore relevant topics and generate new scholarship about environmental issues in Asia. Our research involves communities and partner institutions in the US and Asia. We aim to address environmental problems in Asia through interdisciplinary communication and collaboration in a globalized world. 


Guiding Principles

EnviroLab Asia activities center around the following set of guiding principles:

  • Create a space for the production of new knowledge about the interaction between nature, the built environment, and human populations in Asia
  • Utilize cross-disciplinary approaches
  • Encourage 5C exchanges between and across campuses, utilize the current resources at the Claremont Colleges, and/or encourage community-building between and among 5C campus communities
  • Increase faculty and students’ capacities to effectively influence debates on environmental issues as well as present innovative solutions to challenges resulting from environmental problems.



2020 EnviroLab Asia Student Fellows (Korea)

Aileen Villa Food and Rural Issues Lab SCR, Class of 2022, politics and anthropology (dual) she, her, hers Aileen Villa is a second-year student from Nogales, Arizona. She has been involved in bridging health disparities in her community by addressing food issues and...

Haikus from Japan

Haikus from Japan

Sharing haikus and art from students in the Food and Rural Issues Lab who went to Japan in May 2019. Haikus by Kat Kornegay (POM) Morning was peaceful. The fresh air and soothing sounds, Does wonders for soul. In rural Japan. Feels like a whole other world. Bullet...