In collaboration with the Claremont Colleges Library’s Scholarship@Claremont, EnviroLab Asia  is a digital-native site that explores some of the key environmental issues that Asia has confronted, and will continue to confront, across the 21st Century.

Volume 1, Issue 1 (2017) Justice, Indigeneity, and Development

Table of Contents: Volume 1: Oil Palm in Southeast Asia: Culture, Politics, and Sustainability
Deborah Lapidus 

Char Miller

Straits Talk
Char Miller

Considerations of Development in Malaysian Borneo
Zayn Kassam

Indigenous People, Development and Environmental Justice: Narratives of the Dayak People of Sarawak, Malaysia
Elizabeth Weinlein ’17

Development and Environmental Injustice in Malaysia: A Story of Indigenous Resistance in Sarawak
May Tay ’17

Resisting Dams and Plantations: Indigenous Identity in Sarawak
Wan Ping Chua ’17

First-Person Reflections
Hydropower, Oil Palm, and Sustainability
Fernando Salud ’17

Just Research
Ki’Amber Thompson ’18

Beyond Textbooks and Statistics
Jahnavi Kocha ’19

Oceans of Space
Stephanie Steinbrecher ’16

Adaptation and Power
Elizabeth Weinlein ’17

Volume 1, Issue 2 (2017) Art, Agency, and Activism – Cultural Productions

Along the Baram River: January 2016
Tom Iain White

Forest Threnody
Yii Kah Hoe


Volume 1, Issue 3 (2017) Science, Economics, and Policy

Landscapes of Globalisation in SE Asia
Brian G. McAdoo

Re-envisioning Sustainable Oil-Palm in SE Asia
Wallace M. Meyer III

The Impacts of Logging and Palm Oil on Aquatic Ecosystems and Freshwater Sources in Southeast Asia
Isabelle Ng ’17

Narratives about Energy, Megaprojects, and the Ecology of Tropical Rivers: The Baram River Dam Project
Marc Los Huertos

Institutional Responses to Pressures for Sustainable Palm Oil
Stephen Marks, Justin Lauw ’18, Shivang Mehta ’19, and Fernando Salud ’17

First-Person Reflections

What Does “Sustainable Development” Mean?
Grace Stewart ’17

Wallace M. Meyer III

Up Close: An Interview
Madi Vorva ’17

Going Home
Johann Lim ’18


Japan: Day 1

Japan: Day 1

The EnviroLab Asia Clinic Trip took place in Japan from May 20 to June 1, 2019. In this blog post, Bailey Lai (environmental analysis, PO’ 19) reflects on the first day of activities. Before the Clinic Trip, students took a class that introduced them to environmental...

Caitlyn Louzado: On Food Waste and Experiential Learning

Caitlyn Louzado: On Food Waste and Experiential Learning

Seventeen Claremont students and five faculty participated in the Japan Clinic Trip from May 20 to June 1, 2019. Students were asked to write short reflections about their days. Here Caitlyn Louzado (economics and psychology, CMC ’21) shares musings from her trip. One...