Faculty Research Labs

The concept for the Faculty Research Labs was born out of an expressed need for additional opportunities through which faculty and students can, through different angles, approach and study issues based on the EnviroLab Asia theme and topic of that year. This approach ensures that the topic and theme will be comprehensively studied through a flexible framework that best suits the skills, expertise, and interests of students and faculty. Faculty Research Labs align with the guiding principles of EnviroLab Asia, such that they further research on environmental issues in East and Southeast Asia, and are cross-disciplinary (at least one person from the sciences and one person from the humanities/social sciences). Ideally, the Lab involves collaboration between faculty from different Claremont Colleges.

Funding for Research Labs has been allocated. No new call for applications will take place. The following are the groups that received Research Labs and Research Pods awards.

 “Land use, forest recovery, and sustainability at the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam”

  • Donald McFarlane (Keck Science)
  • Michael Ballagh (International Programs, PTZ)
  • Warren Roberts (Honnold Library, CGU)
  • Branwen Williams (Keck Science)

“Conceptions of the natural environment in relation to mental health in Vietnam and Okinawa”

  • Wei-Chin Hwang (CMC, Psychology)
  • Stacey Doan (CMC, Psychology)
  • Kathy Yep (Asian American Studies, PTZ)

“Nature and Spirit: Sacred Artistic Practices and Ecology in Bali and China”

  • Hao Huang (Music, SCR)
  • Joti Rockwell (Music, POM)
  • Melinda Herrold-Menzies (Environmental Analysis, PTZ)
  • Zhihe Wang (Center for Process Studies/CGU & Guest Scholar-in Residence, SCR)

Alternatives to Bear Bile-use in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vietnam Lab

  • Shannon Randolph (the Hive)
  • Chloe Martinez (Religious Studies, CMC)
  • Charles Taylor (Chemistry, POM)
  • David Smith (Biology, Keck Science)

Mangroves Research Lab to develop art and cultural materials in relation to the nutrient connection between mangroves and shrimp farms.

  •  Anne Harley (Music, SCR)
  • Kathryn Hargan (EnviroLab Asia Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Rachel Mayeri (Media Studies, HMC)
  • Branwen Williams (Environmental Science, Keck Science)

“Birds, Bombs, and Bizen (ceramic ware)”

  • Kyoko Kurita (Asian Languages and Literatures, POM)
  • Tom Le (International Relations, POM)
  • Nina Karnovsky (Biology, POM)
  • Rebecca McGrew (Pomona College Museum of Art)

Research Pods
Research Pods are mini-research grants to explore faculty/staff research collaboration and provide seed funding (up to $500) to support research activities.

  • Exploring air quality, goods movement, transportation and freeways in Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, US, and Tonga. Pod members: Mike Manalo-Pedro (Director of Asian American Resource Center, POM), Linda Lam (Director of CAPAS, PIT), Scott Chan (Lecturer, Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies, POM).
  • Exploring the role of the performing and fine arts in advocating for environmentally-friendly and ecologically-sound practices in China and Bali.  Pod members: Joti Rockwell (American Studies and Music, POM), Zhihe Wang, (Executive Director of the China Project, Center for Process Studies, director of the Institute for Postmodern Development of China, affiliated with CGU), Melinda Herrold-Menzies (Environmental Analysis, Pitzer), and Hao Huang (Director of the Scripps Humanities Institute, Music, Scripps College).
  • Analyzing the environmental implications of various coffee-growing practices in Indonesia and Vietnam. Pod members: William Barndt (Political Studies, PZ), Ethan Van Arnam (Chemistry, Keck Science), Babak Sanii (Chemistry, Keck Science), and Jamel Velji (Religious Studies, CMC)
  • Examining the environmental issues related to the production and consumption of traditional zoological and botanical medicines in China and Vietnam. Pod members: Shannon Gray Randolph (The Hive, Pomona College), David Smith (Biology, Keck Science), Lisa Auerbach (Art, Pomona College), Tamara Venit-Shelton (History, CMC)


2020 EnviroLab Asia Student Fellows (Korea)

Aileen Villa Food and Rural Issues Lab SCR, Class of 2022, politics and anthropology (dual) she, her, hers Aileen Villa is a second-year student from Nogales, Arizona. She has been involved in bridging health disparities in her community by addressing food issues and...

Haikus from Japan

Haikus from Japan

Sharing haikus and art from students in the Food and Rural Issues Lab who went to Japan in May 2019. Haikus by Kat Kornegay (POM) Morning was peaceful. The fresh air and soothing sounds, Does wonders for soul. In rural Japan. Feels like a whole other world. Bullet...