The Joint Conference brings together the Southern California region’s LIASE grantees (Occidental College, Whittier College, and The Claremont Colleges), and serves as a capstone to each year’s slate of research, curriculum, and program activities. The Joint Conference provides students and faculty from all seven institutions a unique opportunity to share findings and discuss ideas with a group of participants immersed in this unique field of study. The Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College is a key partner in this conference.

On March 4, 2016, the first Joint Conference of regional LIASE grantees came together under the theme: “Globalization & Sovereignty: Examining Environmental Issues in Asia.” The conference featured faculty and student presentations and a roundtable discussion on current environmental issues in Asia.

Presentation by students from Yale-NUS

Presentation by students from Yale-NUS (3/4/16)

participants listening in a row-rotated

Conference participants during roundtable discussion (3/4/16)

Roundtable discussion

Prof. Zayn Kassam contributes to discussion (3/4/16)


September 2019 E-Newsletter

September 2019 E-Newsletter

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Surprising Sounds at the Todaiji Temple

Surprising Sounds at the Todaiji Temple

In May 2019, seventeen students and five faculty went to Japan to learn about environmental issues and visit cultural sites, like the Imperial Palace (photo above). Students were placed in Labs led by faculty leaders. Malea Martin (fifth from the left) participated in...