The Regional LIASE Conference brought together the LIASE grantees in Southern California (Occidental College, Whittier College, and The Claremont Colleges) to learn from each program’s slate of research, curriculum, and program activities. The Regional LIASE Conference provided students and faculty from all seven institutions a unique opportunity to share findings and discuss ideas with a group of participants immersed in this unique field of study.

2018 Regional LIASE Conference

On April 13, 2018, Whittier College hosted the second Regional LIASE Conference. The agenda consisted of student presentations, faculty presentations, a keynote speakers, a discussion about grant implementation, and a musical performance by performers from China.


Opening and Welcome Comments: Dean of Faculty – Darrin Good & LIASE Director – Jake Carbine

Determining the Antibacterial and Anticancer Properties of Medicinal Herbs and Fungi from Southern China – Prof. Ralph Isovitsch, Whittier

Environmental Chemistry Collaboration with the National University of Malaysia – Prof. Katie Purvis-Roberts, Chanchanok Sudta, Emma Stacey, Emma Su, and Lude Rong, Claremont

Research at Maipo Wetlands (Hong Kong) on Mangroves – Prof. Cheryl Swift and Robert Karaat, Whittier, Whittier

Take Your Seat Hong Kong – Spencer VanDerStarren, Whittier

Luncheon Keynote Address: Prof. Robert Marks, “Asia & the Environment: Past and Future

Hong Kong Independent Research – Allen Chen, Olivia Wilk, and Ryan Lee, Occidental

Theatre as a Vehicle for Environmental Change – Luyi Huang, Sami Murphy & Betel Tesfarmariam, Claremont

Bio-Diversity and Sacred Spaces in Myanmar – Prof. Jake Carbine, Christina Mecklenburg, Marissa Ochoa, and Anders Blomso

Implementation Grant Discussion – Prof. Alexander Day, Occidental

Closing Performance: Chen Zhipeng and Moon Lin (Chinese Nature Musicians from Dali and Beijing)

2016 Regional LIASE Conference

On March 4, 2016, the first Regional LIASE grantees came together under the theme: “Globalization & Sovereignty: Examining Environmental Issues in Asia.” The conference featured faculty and student presentations and a roundtable discussion on current environmental issues in Asia. The conference was held at the Archive & Conference Center at Pitzer College (1050 N. Mills Ave, Claremont, CA 91711).


Student & Faculty Presentations:

  • Claremont Colleges – Malaysia & Singapore
  • Whittier College – China
  • Occidental College – Hong Kong

Lunchtime Keynote: “Lotus in the Brownfield: Environmental Relevance of Buddhist Spirituality” by Yan Min Aung, National Land and Environmental Policy Consultant, Union of Myanmar (Burma)

Faculty & Student Presentations Continued:

  • Yale-NUS – Malaysia & Singapore

Roundtable Discussion: What connections, themes, or challenges exist? What do we do with this research? How do findings benefit local communities? What can we learn from each other?


Presentation by students from Yale-NUS

Presentation by students from Yale-NUS (3/4/16)

participants listening in a row-rotated

Conference participants during roundtable discussion (3/4/16)

Roundtable discussion

Prof. Zayn Kassam contributes to discussion (3/4/16)


2020 EnviroLab Asia Student Fellows (Korea)

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Haikus from Japan

Haikus from Japan

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