EnviroLab Asia started a new initiative called “Research Pods.” Created with the goal of sparking creative, cross-disciplinary, and cross-campus collaborations, Research Pods provide an opportunity for staff/faculty to explore the possibility of collaboration. Research Pods are given nominal funds to informally gather to explore a topic about environmental issues in East and/or Southeast Asia. Funds may go towards lunch, coffee, books, and/or group field trips, etc. Each pod should ideally have 4 faculty/staff members from different campuses and different disciplines. Funds of up to $500 are allotted to each pod. After completion of activities, Research Pods will be asked to write a 1-page summary of activities and outcomes.

Applications are due January 19, 2018

Apply here:


EnviroLab Asia will release a call for applications for faculty/staff ‘Research Labs” that offer $25,000 in funding per Lab. We hope Research Pods would be a good way to start towards a Research Lab application.