To deepen research, develop partnerships, participate in networking activities, and engage in creative projects, EnviroLab Asia supports activities that are related to the guiding principles and objectives of the grant, but may not fit within the confines of its formal components. Types of support include funding for class speakers, conference travel, production of publications or other products and/or special events.  

The following is a description of funding opportunities available for 2017-2018:

Opportunity Description Deadline
Conference Travel Fund Open to 5C faculty or students who are interested in attending a conference that addresses environmental issues in Asia. Applicant may be a conference presenter or participant. The fund covers travel costs (airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and per diem) for up to $1500 per traveller.


Continuing Class Fund Open to 5C faculty who have previously received an EnviroLab Asia Course Development or Redevelopment Award. This fund supports activities that enable the class to continue to engage with topics related to environmental issues in Asia. Funds may go to support field trips, guest speakers, and other activities. Maximum amount of funding available per class is $1500.


November 3, 2017
Manuscript Review Open to 5C faculty who are working on finalizing any type of academic product (journal article, publication, book, etc.). This fund supports the invitation of a professional academic or expert to formally review a draft of an academic product with other faculty and students. Funding is available to support 2 awards per academic year.


November 3, 2017
Subvention Fund Open to 5C faculty to support the production of any academic product (manuscript, journal article, book, art project, etc.). For example, funds may be used for copy editing or indexing. Funding is available for up to $2,000 and available to be used until June 30.


November 3, 2017
Course Development or Redevelopment Award Open to 5C faculty to develop a new course or redevelop an existing course on environmental issues in Asia. Faculty will receive a $3,000 stipend to redevelop an existing course, and $6,000 to a develop a new course.

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Sept. 15, 2017

(Currently closed)