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Welcome to the e-newsletter of EnviroLab Asia. Subscribe to learn about research opportunities, courses, and events related to environmental issues in East and Southeast Asia. EnviroLab Asia is a project at the Claremont Colleges funded by The Henry Luce Foundation.

Japan Fellows + Class Clinic Labs

EnviroLab Asia received 123 applications from students interested in participating in this year’s Clinic Trip to Japan. After a competitive application process, 17 students were selected. In the Spring, the Fellows will be taking EA189: Special Topics, which will provide an introduction to cross-disciplinary approaches to studying environmental issues of the region. They will also meet within their Class Clinic Labs to focus on specific research questions. Congratulations to this year’s Student Fellows, who are listed by their Class Clinic Lab.

Access for Disabled People in Japan Lab led by Angelina Chin (History, POM)

  • Alida Schefers, POM, Geology, or Linguistics, 2021
  • Bailey Lai, POM, Environmental Analysis, Sustainability and the Built Environment track, 2019
  • Meenakshi Venkatraman, HMC, Engineering and Environmental Analysis, 2020
  • Yufei Guo, SCR, Intended Anthropology and Media Studies, 2021                                 

Biodiversity Lab led by Wallace “Marty” Meyer (Biology, POM)                         

  • Kyra Madunich, POM, Biology, 2021
  • Julie Xu, PIT,  Environmental Analysis and Japanese, 2022
  • Nhi Phan, CMC, Environmental Analysis: Science Concentration, 2021
  • Willow Coleman, HMC, Mathematical and Computational Biology, 2021                           

Food and Rural Issues Lab led by Marc Los Huertos (Environmental Analysis, POM) with Albert Park (History, CMC)                                 

  • Caitlyn Louzado, CMC, Economics and Psychology, 2021
  • Chloe Wanaselja, POM, Environmental Analysis and Studio Art, 2021
  • Erika MacDonald, HMC, Engineering, 2021
  • Katheryn Kornegay, POM, Physics, 2020
  • Suh Won Chang, CMC, Environment and Society (Pitzer) and Literature (CMC), 2021

Japanese Futures led by Warren Liu (English, SCR)                                 

  • Citlalli Vivar, SCR, Politics & Spanish, Latin America, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures, 2021
  • Elena Dypiangco, SCR, English, 2019
  • Krystle Yu, PIT, Organizational Studies, 2019
  • Malea Martin, CMC, Government/ Literature dual major; Human Rights sequence, 2019

Spring Semester Application Due Dates

Manuscript Review Fund: due January 25, 2019
Subvention Fund: due January 25, 2019
Course Re/Development: due February 1, 2019
Research Pod: due February 1, 2019
Research Lab: due February 1, 2019

All applications and fund descriptions may be accessed at

Coming Soon!

We will be announcing new funding opportunities! Please keep an eye out for an email about the following:

Student-Faculty/Staff Summer Research Grants

Events & Programs Funding Request Form

Call for Proposals to Lead a Class Clinic Lab for the Clinic Trips to Korea (2020) and China (2021)

Subvention Fund Recipients

EnviroLab Asia’s Subvention Fund supports completion of an academic product, whether it be a published book, article, or art project by 5C faculty/staff. Recent awards went to:

  • Zhiru Ng (Religious Studies, POM) to support the publication of her chapter “Lighting Lamps to Prolong Life in 5th- and 6th- Century China,” that will be appearing in a volume titled Buddhist Healing in Medieval China and Japan: Global and Local Perspectives, edited by Pierce Salguero (Penn. State Univ.) and Andrew Macomber (Columbia Univ.) to be published by the University of Hawai’i Press.

  • Kathleen Kile (Staff, PTZ) to support completion of “It’s not Trash! It’s Art!” Project in Vietnam in May 2019.

  • Pey-Yi Chu (History, POM) to support the publication of her book The Life of Permafrost: A History of Frozen Earth in Russian and Soviet Science to be published by University of Toronto Press.

ASIANetwork Conference

Congratulations to the students and faculty who have been accepted to present at the ASIANetwork Conference “Asia in Undergraduate Education: Integration, Enhancement and Engagement” in San Diego, CA in April 2019. ASIANetwork is a consortium that strives to strengthen the role of Asian Studies within the framework of liberal arts education.

  • Anne Harley (Music, SCR) organizer of “Best Practices and Outcomes in International Collaborative  Research and Pedagogy,” chaired by Char Miller, (Environmental Analysis, POM). Professor Harley will also be presenting “Connecting Performance and Performing Connection: How the performing arts can usefully engage an international and interdisciplinary cohort in pedagogy and research.”

  • Luyi Huang (Environmental Analysis, PTZ, ‘19), Jahnavi Kocha (Science and Management, CMC, ‘19), and Allison Joseph (Environmental Analysis and Pscyhology,  SCR, ‘20) will be presenting a poster about reflections on utilizing interdisciplinary research methods to learn about environmental challenges in Southeast Asia.

  • Ryan Drover (Chemistry, PTZ, ‘19) will provide a poster presentation on the environmental benefits of blending ethanol into gasoline for Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, with reflections on conducting collaborative research between the Claremont Colleges and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), which was done in an EnviroLab Asia-redeveloped class taught by Professor Katie Purvis-Roberts (Chemistry, Keck).

From our Blog: Korea at Nature’s Edge

Professor Albert Park (History, CMC) summarizes the Spring 2018 conference co-organized with UCI’s Center for Critical Korean Studies. A follow-up to the conference will take place in March 2019 at the Claremont Colleges.

EnviroLab Asia Co-Principal Investigator Branwen Williams (Environmental Science, Keck) was recently featured in a National Geographic Kids video. Says Professor Williams, “My research began with studying biogeochemical cycling in the Artic, and now through EnviroLab Asia, I have had the opportunity to expand my research to new coastal systems like mangroves.”

Redeveloped Courses Offered Spring 2019

HIST 101U Popular Movements in East Asia, Angelina Chin, POM

This discussion-based course provides an introduction to East Asian social and political movements from the 1960s to the present, focusing on power, resistance, and identity. 

Drawing from history, sociology, anthropology and politics, it examines a range of social and political movements, including: civil rights, anti-colonial movements, democratic movements, labor and environmental movements.

MS120 Animal Media Studies, Rachel Mayeri, HMC

Animal Media Studies examines film representations of animals in wildlife to address fundamental questions about human and animal nature and culture. Animal Studies is an interdisciplinary field in which scholars consider the subjective lives of animals, animals in cultural traditions, the borderline between human and animal, and the ethics of the human-animal relationship. The 2019 course will highlight cultural and environmental issues about animals in East and Southeast Asia, such as orangutans and dolphins.

Save the date: Friday, March 8, 2019

This year’s Workshop for Change event will feature speakers Caitlin Stronell, a Shinto priest who works with the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center in Japan & Man Kei Tam, an activist and anthropologist focusing on post-Fukushima Japan.

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