EnviroLab Asia Class

Co-taught by two professors from different disciplines, the EnviroLab Asia class will serve as the nexus of student-faculty research and activity in Claremont. The objective of the class is to prepare students to conduct research on the Clinic Trip that will take place at the end of the Spring semester. The themes of the class will change year-to-year, depending on the location of the Clinic Trip. Due to the demands of preparing for the Clinic Trip, the class is a required 2-class load. This requirement allows the time necessary to prepare students for cross-disciplinary training needed to conduct field research. Students will be exposed to methodologies from the sciences, humanities and social sciences. Class Clinic Labs are also an aspect of the class. Each lab will be expected to produce some type of research or communications product that will be advised by a faculty member. The EnviroLab Asia class will also feature at least one joint class session with Yale-NUS and/or other Asian Partners via teleconference.


The first EnviroLab Asia Class will be offered in Spring 2018 in preparation for the Clinic Trip to Thailand, which will take place in May 2018. The Class and Trip are being planned with Faculty from the Music and Performing Arts (MUPA) Department at Burapha University (BUU) in Chonburi, Thailand.